CLUB STRONG will display the official record keeping and results of its three pinch block competitions on this page.


All CLUB STRONG pinch block competitions will be conducted in a similar manner with all lifts being 8 seconds or more.
When multiple people can hold the lift for 8 seconds and no one can lift the next weight increase for the 8 seconds, the competitor who can hold the longest will win. Pinch block training is an essential part of any training for climbing and bouldering dedicated plan. Pinch strength directly relates to grip strength.


1/9/2018 – Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym, NSW state boulder titles 2018

We held the first pinch block competition at Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym and it generated lots of interest throughout the day. A total of 65 people competed in the “Mad Medium” pinch block competition, with many competitors having multiple attempts.
Some of our strongest competitors were able to show us their best 8 second lift, lifting and holding a grueling 20kg or more on the “Mad Medium” Club Strong pinch block.
A total of 19 competitors were able to tick 20kg, 4 people ticked 22.5kg, 6 people ticked 25kg, 3 people ticked 27.5kg and 1 person ticked 30kg.


The clear winner was Aurel Gelot who made 30kg look pretty easy, we raised it to 32.5kg where he managed to lift for 1.69 seconds so the official record is 30kg.


Here is a little bit of info on Aurel Gelot
He’s a dad, crusher and the head route setter at Nomad bouldering ( ) gym in Sydney Australia. Aurel is 28 years old, 177cm tall and weighs 77kg. He’d like to say he trains hard but reckons he’s lazy with his training, he just climbs a lot and does specific training when he feels the need but not following a dedicated training plan. His favourite place to climb is anywhere in Spain and the Grampians in Australia.





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