This is because there are a few types of climbing, and the different equipment that may be required  for that specific type of climbing is a very personal choice.

For example there is:

  • Sport Climbing
  • Traditional Climbing
  • Bouldering
  • Solo Climbing
  • Aid Climbing
  • Deep Water Solo Climbing
  • Via Ferrata Climbing


The one thing in common with all the above types of climbing is that they all require lots of strength. Other common things would be climbing shoes and harnesses which are size specific,where personal choice is often the deciding factor when it comes to the purchase of these essential rock climbing items. In addition to these personal preferences, many climbing shops/ sporting equipment retailers will not accept returns for safety equipment and shoes,even if the item is an incorrect fit due to the critical nature of the climbing equipment.



Training equipment makes for the perfect gift because all climbers need to have an ultra strong core, grip and upper body strength.

Beginner climbers need to build lots of strength, and expert climbers always need that little bit more to progress to the next grade.

Climbers always love training gifts because they know they want to train more but always end up spending their money on safety equipment. At Club Strong we have made gift buying for rock climbers or anyone who wants to improve their strength by producing a list of our products perfect for this festive season!

Any climber will love one of our unique Club Strong products, not just because it’s training equipment, but because they are all works of art. Most climbers are aware that plastic is bad and our gift list products are made out of mostly sustainable wood and recyclable products.



All the gifts for climbers in this list are under $100. Click the links to go to the products.



FOREARM PUMPERS – They are a great little forearm and hand strength training tool that can be used anywhere such as the office, car, home, climbing gym or for warming up at the cliff. Every Climber and Boulderer needs these for their training and strength development. They come in two resistances.

Forearm Pumper -Black (Easy)

Forearm Pumper – Orange (Hard)





“GOODWOOD” BRUSH – Every climber needs a good brush for cleaning the holds, whether for climbing indoors at the gym or for the cliff outdoors, this Club Strong “GoodWood” brush is premium. Made from solid wood and natural boars hair bristles this brush will perfect in every climbers kit, and with zero plastic it will keep the sustainable minded climber happy.

“Goodwood” Brush





PARALLETTES – Club Strong parallettes are a great gift for climbers and boulderers because they can train the upper body and core in almost any location. Being small they won’t take up much space when being used or stored. Made from solid wood these are a nice gift for a climber or anyone wanting to spice up their at home work out routine. They come fully assembled in a box.






GYM RINGS – Club Strong Gym Rings are highly effective, yet simple training tool when it comes to building strength and stability throughout the entire body, with significant results felt in the core and limbs. East to set up in a park or home. Every climber reads about gym ring training for climbers and ours are specifically designed for climbers in mind.

Gym Rings







PINCH BLOCKS – Used to greatly increase pinch strength, made from recycled solid Australian hardwood these are sure to impress as our pinch blocks are the highest quality in the world. They come in three sizes. Excellent training for climbing and bouldering tools.

“Big Bad” Pinch Block

“Mad Medium” Pinch Block

“Sick Slim” Pinch Block







BLOCK CHALK – All climbers need chalk for the purpose of drying their hands either before they start climbing or mid climb. Club Strong climbing block chalk is 100% Magnesium Carbonate and will have hands dry in no time when used crushed or as a block. Cluib Strong Chalk makes a great gift and ours comes in a plastic free package, sure to please any climber. Each block is 57g, perfect for topping up any chalk bag, also available in a box of 8 blocks, see both links.

Block Chalk- 57g block

Block Chalk- Box of 8 Blocks






SKIN FILES – Assisting in skin recovery the Club Strong skin file will remove calluses, flappers and any other skin or nail imperfections. Ensuring ultimate contact to the wall.
100% biodegradable and lightweight these Club Strong skin files will have you back on the wall or training in no time! Climbers dread any time they aren’t climbing and this little tool will reduce that time due to skin injury, that’s why this is another great gift idea for a climber. Why not pair this skin file with one of our other items, making for the perfect Rock Climber’s hamper!

Skin Files





So now you know what makes a great gift for Climbers and Boulderers it’s just a matter of choosing from the list we provided, we hope this list helped you as we know how hard it can be to buy gifts for climbers. Climbers and Bouldrers are obsessed with their sport and will love anything you choose.


Just check out Club Strong website and Club Strong Instagram feed for updates on our great gift ideas.