Joe-Dynamo Forearm Machine


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Joe-Dynamo by Club Strong is a high end machine that allows you to work one or two hands at the same time.

This machine is a must have for anyone who takes their grip strength very seriously and has been especially designed for rock climbing and bouldering with 25 years of design refinement.

The ability to train for maximum grip strength and a crimp on one machine makes this the worlds first and best grip strength machine designed.



-Comfortable handles at around waist height so your’e not bending over to lift.

-Adjustable grip spacing to allow for big and small hands and different hand training methods.

-Round roller grip and Crimp grip

-Takes Olympic and standard size weight plates.

-Weight stack pin height of 380mm, so you load it up as you get stronger.

-Smooth motion and no maintenance required.


If grip strength is important to you as it is to us then this is an investment like no other.









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