Club Strong Parallettes

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Club Strong Parallettes will take your training to the next level, these fun yet effective bars enable you to focus on Push-ups, L-sits, Dips, and even hand stands.


Club Strong Parallettes are a great way to train to enhance pushing power, evening up pulling muscles groups required for climbing and bouldering. Club Strong Parallettes will also assist in building a strong core, arm and shoulder muscles. They are perfect for training at home as they take up very little space when being used for training or put in storage. Training for climbing and bouldering should incorporate core and strength exercises such as push ups, dips, mountain climbers,changes, L sits, handstands, planks and even planches. So Club Strong Parallettes are the perfect for home or gym training.

-Set of two bars

-Comes completely assembled

-Max load per bar 100kg

-All solid wood

-Dimensions: 21cm High, 21cm Wide at base, 40cm bar length, 4cm bar diameter, 50cm full length end to end.

Club Strong Parallettes have been designed to give maximum benefit of training for climbing or bouldering, and should be part of all training plans fun or serious. Refer to our training page for different parallel bar exercises.

Parallette training is greatly enhanced when used with Club Strong Chalk

3 reviews for Club Strong Parallettes

  1. Joe

    They look good and feel good, the grip is the perfect size, I use mine for super deep pushups to get my shoulders and chest and triceps strong and balanced for rock climbing, wood IS good

  2. Damien

    Probably one of the best parallettes I have use to date. Really Stable and versatile compare with other brands and also alot cheaper. I have been practicing my handstands on them and they’re the perfect size to weight ratio. Crafted from high quality wood as well I reckon mine will last a long while.

  3. Nathanual (verified owner)

    Fantastic training tool I’m glad to now have in my arsenal, really like how deep you can go for pushups and is so stable/sturdy I have the confidence to start practicing hand stands

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