AFTER CLIMB – Hand balm

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After climb balm is specifically formulated to help with the speedy recovery of damaged and split skin caused from climbing or training for climbing.

Our all-natural beeswax, Tea Tree oil (native to Australia) and essential oils blend not only feels soothing, their antiseptic properties can assist in the healing process of hand skin.

Climbers should wash their hands immediately at the end of climbing for the day and apply After Climb

to their hands, and reapply after a shower before bed.

After climb balm does not replace medical treatment for serious wounds

  • Bees wax based
  • Made in Australia
  • 27g Block
  • Comes in a tin with screw lid

2 reviews for AFTER CLIMB – Hand balm

  1. Nathanual

    A great hand cream for splits/cracks and flappers, not greasy and smells good. Will be purchasing again!

  2. Nathanual

    Great hand balm for cuts, cracks and flappers. It’s not greasy and smells good. Will be buying it again!

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