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Club Strong Gym Rings are highly effective, yet simple training tool when it comes to building strength and stability throughout the entire body, with significant results felt in the core and limbs.

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Club Strong Gym Rings are highly effective training tools for climbers, boulderers or anyone looking to increase their overall strength. They work by stabilizing the limbs and strengthening the core together. Various studies have shown that training with gym rings can reduce injuries by strengthening muscle groups that surround the joints in the shoulders and spine.

-Comes as a set of two smooth wood rings with Club Strong logo

-Ring diameter :23.5cm

-Wood grip diameter: 3cm

-Nylon Straps: 4.5m long and 38mm wide black Nylon with Club Strong logo and heavy duty black buckle

Newbie or pro climbers and boulderers will see gains in their performance on the rock when they incorporate Club Strong Gym rings in their training plan. Visit our training page for Gym ring exercises and a training plan template.

These Club Strong Gym rings are simple to set up in a Garage, Climbing Gym, or even in a sturdy tree of a park or campground.

Gym Ring training is greatly enhanced when used with Club Strong Chalk


2 reviews for Gym Rings

  1. Joe

    Awesome product, great service, I use mine for all sorts of strength training exercises to increase my power and flexibility whilst minimalising my chances of injury by making my body prepared for intense stenuous exersion

  2. Meredith

    Love ring work for core and shoulder strength so this products was the obvious choice. Fast delivery and excellent service so got to training right away.

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