“SICK SLIM” Pinch Block

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CLUB STRONG- SICK SLIM PINCH BLOCK is the thinnest of the three.

It has one sloping grip of 27mm at it’s thinnest point, a smooth glass like finish that doesn’t assist your deadlift in any way. This is a very refined piece of training equipment where every dimension and finish has been has been carefully calculated. It’s sick and slim in comparison to the other Club Strong pinch blocks. Pinch block training will greatly improve hand strength but will also improve chest and shoulder strength. Learning to climb with good pinch technique will produce better precise footwork than stable holds such as edges and pockets will.

This is designer training equipment made for you to tick your hardest projects, crafted by our friends at Bungonia Woodcutters and made from salvaged Australian hardwood. This could be the perfect gift for that  person obsessed with strength.

Pinch Block Training is greatly enhanced when used with Club Strong Chalk

NOTE: Our pinch blocks are unique in every way, as they are made from a variety of salvaged timbers. The result of this can be seen in slight variations to each pinch blocks colour and natural features. Equally weighted pairs can be matched upon your request.

For pinch block pull ups and dead hangs you will need to purchase two blocks.

See Club Strong training page for pinch block training.

1 review for “SICK SLIM” Pinch Block

  1. Cambo

    Nice product . Very well made. Works great on a pully machine

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